LFMA 2017 Global Gospel Festival,An Outstanding and Historic occasion with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


It was holiday in Johannesburg of South Africa,simply you guy can imagine what will be the next when it talks about LFMA 2017 Global Gospel Festival.It was really an impressive festival with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome the head of Christ Embassy,where there were not distinction in celebration,kids,young,old everyone perform impressively.It has international impact.where its success were celebrated  by 4-day LFMA 2017 Global Gospel Festival.Remarkable attendance were presented with almost 30,000 Attendees enjoyed between April 27th to 30th  in Johannesburg of South Africa.As  it was the annual Freedom Day public holiday in South Africa, lots of recreational activities were featured there including sports, seminars and so on. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome delivered his speech and inspired all supporters to enjoy blessings of faith, hope, joy, and the opportunities of this festival.It was such kind of lucrative gala where healthy living, digital art, multimedia, the business of music, film-making, and technology were focused and urged to step up in insightful seminars.